I am in the middle of culling, sorting and storing all my craft, DIY and decor magazines.
I don’t claim to have enough to fill a library – but I do have a few.

All I am doing is sorting them into magazine titles in chronological order. That’s all!

While chucking stuff out I came across one of those ‘extra’ publications
that often come with a magazine.

You know the sort –
a Christmas Cooking Guide
10 Fabulous Bathroom Makeovers
a ‘Special’ (hint: old) edition of an affiliate magazine.

Mine was this very pretty “Home Beautiful: Occasions”
that I think I received with an edition of Home Beautiful some time last year.
Spring maybe?

Too good to just throw out, but not informative enough to keep

Too good to just throw out, but not informative enough to keep

When I had a quick flick through it, I realised that the ‘styling’ of the magazine was actually a great reference for taking photographs and styling shots for this little ol’ blog.

So after a bit or ripping and cutting + a few handwritten notes, I now have a Styling & Photography Folder to use as a reference. I can also add to it whenever I want.




Best of all, it’s a fantastic inspiration to make another Folder
or Vision Board or Inspiration Wall
in the future.


DIY Tute - Folder for Styling & photography

Now I have to get back to those piles of magazines on the floor.
No rest for the wicked!