Did you know . . . . I am a massive fan of Creativity?
No really, I am!

And I love the opportunity to encourage others to be Creative as well.
So today, I want to post a tutorial that I think is just SO versatile and is perfect to bring some happiness to an occasion or room.


Opening Image


I can see it as the backdrop for a wedding ceremony,
or on a table at a Baby’s Shower or on your Christmas Tree.

So many wonderful options.
Check it out.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

About five years ago, gorgeous images of felt pom poms started to show up on our social media pages and in magazines.


Felted Wool Pom Poms

Source: ByPetra

It sparked a natural return to the gorgeous craft of making poms poms. Good old-fashioned pom poms. Remember making them from scratchy acrylic wool and two circles of cardboard? On my word, those were the days . . . .

Cardboard Circles

Source: Pretty Prudent

But . . . . . 

I have a super-easy and uber-fast tutorial to make your own modern pom poms and down the track I will show you how to turn your gorgeous pom poms into a curtain. Yep . . . a decorative curtain.

So much fun!

What You Need:

*  Lots of coloured yarn (I use inexpensive acrylic yarn @ $2.50 per ball)
*  Sharp scissors

What You Need


Here’s How:

Step 1 – Start wrapping the yarn around your fingers. How many fingers you use is up to you . . . 2, 3 or 4

Step 2 – Continue wrapping the yarn around your fingers until you have a thick wad

Step 3 – When you have the size you want, gently slip the wad of yarn off your fingers

Step 4 – Cut a piece of matching yarn, about 30cm (12″) long

Step 5 – Centre the length of yarn halfway down the wad ready to tie the first knot

Step 6 – Tie a single knot in the yarn, as tightly as you can without snapping the yarn

Step 7 – Flip the wad over and tie another single knot

Step 8 – Flip the wad over one last time and tie a double knot, keeping as much tension in the knot as possible

Step 9 – Cut through the ‘loops’ of both sides of the wad . . . it is important NOT to cut through the knotted yarn just yet (you can use it as a handle)     Helpful Tip

Step 10 – If you have tied the length of yarn correctly you should be able to lift the wad and no strings will fall out

Step 11 – Give the roughly shaped little ball a whack on the table to ‘fluff’ it out

Step 12 – Start trimming the ball into a more uniform spherical shape

Step 13 – Keep turning the pom pom while you clip it until you are happy with it’s shape



A brilliant DIY to make pom poms super quickly and with no fancy gadgets


Other Techniques

Did you know that you can use something as simple as a fork to make pom poms?

There are also numerous tools for sale, mostly no more than a few dollars.

Alternative Tools


They can become addictive . . . . 

Pre PomPom Pile

Pre Pompoms


And these throw-back crafty Creations can be Created by people of all ages . . . . young old and in-between.

These ones will be displayed at a Wedding Fair in just short of  a fortnight and I can’t wait to show you photos of the finished display.

So are you inspired to make some colourful fluffy balls of fun?
If you do I would LOVE to see what you Create.

Leave a link or image in the comments.
I’d genuinely love to see what you Create.