I have a confession to make – I actually LOOK for excuses to make backdrops.
I know, it’s a bit sad isn’t it?!?

However in my defence, can I just say that backdrops are the Creative equivalent to painting a whole room or installing brand new fancy schmancy curtains. They’re just so dramatic and gorgeous.

So here is the place that I will share all the backdrops that I Create – mostly for pure joy and no real purpose.
“Joy” is a purpose though isn’t it? 😉

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DIY Watercolour Artwork for Handmade Cards

Watercolour Background for an amazing gift card - super cheap to make and a fantastic activity for bored children in the holidays

 Create whimsical watercolour
backgrounds to Create
gift cards or wrapping paper

Watercolour Backgrounds

Tile Image

Last minute Gift Cards
that are super cute
and simple to make

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