Ok – so confession time.
I believe that craft (Creativity) can save the world from Mental Illness.

Not by itself.

But if we all had a Creative/Crafty outlet, I believe that there would be far less stress, irritability and unhappiness. I also believe that making the time to be crafty/Creative gifts us the balance required to find peace of mind.

SO check out all my Craft Tutorials and make some time for yourself.
You deserve it.

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DIY Crepe Flowers

Tile Image

Learn how to Create
simply stunning
Crepe Paper Peonies

Cards with Watercoloured Backgrounds

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Last minute Gift Cards
that are super cute
and simple to make

Plaster Wings

This DIY Heart with Wings is made from cardboard + buttons + plaster, and is ridiculously easy to replicate | check out the tutorial at Purple Paper House dot com dot au

 A sneak peak of my
wings made of
cardboard + plaster

'Vintage Tin Cans' Upcycling

Recycled tin cans with FREE printable 'vintage' labels - aren't they just gorgeous?

Turn every day tins
into gorgeous retro decor

Crepe Paper Flowers

Peonies made from crepe paper - such an easy tutorial and anyone can make them

Peonies made from crepe
paper – an easy tutorial

DIY Watercolour Artwork for Handmade Cards

Watercolour Background for an amazing gift card - super cheap to make and a fantastic activity for bored children in the holidays

Create whimsical watercolour
backgrounds to Create
gift cards or wrapping paper

Button Heart

My heart of buttons ready for my new installation in my office - "Take Flight"

Just cardboard + buttons + paint
= this cute artwork

Handpainted Seed Pods

Hand decorated Christmas decorations - such a whimsical craft

A simple tutorial using
nuts from the garden,
a little bit of paint
and glitter

My Vintage Upcycled Tins

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Upcycling from your kitchen

Learn to Crochet

Learn how to crochet @ the Purple Paper House website

 Nanna’s crochet
is now cool,
and it’s easy!

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