I had always written-off crocheting as a ‘nanna’ craft.
How wrong I was.

Now that I am open to learning about crochet, I am discovering so many cool and wicked pieces that I can make from crochet. And it SO fast; much, much faster than knitting.

So grab yourself some $3 yarn and a crochet hook and have a go.
It’s the perfect craft for the train or couch or waiting room.

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Like to Learn Crochet?

Learn how to crochet @ the Purple Paper House website

Videos to learn

New Kitchen = Crochet

Kitchen = Crochet

I know it seems crazy,
but my new kitchen is why
I wanted to learn to crochet

I've Learnt to Crochet

Isn't this gorgeous? All those 'spots' are actually squares with a coloured circles, finished with white edging

I’m diving into the
new world of Crochet

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