Home Decor

While I am no ‘style maven’, I do admit to being in love with the notion of a beautiful home.
I love the idea of having a home in balance and filled with light & colour,
and LOTS of DIY beauties.

I hope my little tips & tutorials help you build a home that is also filled with light and colour
. . . and happiness 🙂


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DIY Fairy Lights

Learn how to turn last years’s Christmas lights into a gorgeous backdrop

Learn how to turn
last years’s Christmas
lights into a gorgeous

DIY Crepe Flowers

Tile Image

Learn how to Create
simply stunning
Crepe Paper Flowers

Live Life Now

Never allow waiting to become a habit. Live your dreams and take risks. Life is happening now. || FREEBIE download at Purple Paper House blog

Live your dreams
and take risks

Button Heart

My heart of buttons ready for my new installation in my office - "Take Flight"

Imagine this uber cute
button heart in a
baby’s room!

Renovate a Rental

Why decorating your rental Home is so important

I give you permission to
renovate and decorate!

Crepe Paper Flowers

Peonies made from crepe paper - such an easy tutorial and anyone can make them

Peonies made from crepe
paper – ann easy tutorial

Wings of Plaster

This DIY Heart with Wings is made from cardboard + buttons + plaster, and is ridiculously easy to replicate | check out the tutorial at Purple Paper House dot com dot au

A sneak peak of my
wings made of
cardboard + plaster

6 Printables from AKA Design

FREE Download from AKA Design websiteFancy some Rustic
wall art for FREE?

Where's Batman?

Tile Image

A little bit of
humour for your

My Vintage Upcycled Tins

Handmade 'vintage' tin cans using upcycled cans from the kitchen || Purple Paper House blog

Upcycled tins from the kitchen

House Tour 1: Kitchen Reno

Icon Tile

Asbestos, lead paint and lots
of dead rats in the walls
. . . . just what a kitchen needs

'Vintage Tin Cans' Upcycling

Recycled tin cans with FREE printable 'vintage' labels - aren't they just gorgeous?

Turn every day tins
into gorgeous retro decor

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