As part of my personal challenge to get more organised and find more time to be Creative – I have decided to use online challenges to help me challenge my mojo.

Try new styles, techniques, colours and themes. I’m struggling with a few – woodsy & cute are two that have me stumped – I am LOVING that my massive collections of products is being stretched and given new life.

I won’t mention any new purchases !?!

Ok – I’ll mention just one (or two) . . . I kind of got sucked into the awesomeness and Creative mecca that is Ellen Hutson dot com. There is a LOT of amazing ‘stuff’ that has been inspiring me. Just a week ago, I stumbled on their “Pin Sights Challenge: March” and wondered if I couldn’t muster up a version myself.

March Pinterest Challenge

Of course I procrastinated with indecision and self-doubt and then last night’s insomnia gave me the opportunity to ‘just do it’!

So I did!

Here are the two cards I came up with.

Pinterest Challenge - Ellen Hutson

My two ideas from the Pinterest Challenge

I’ve actually Created a whole tutorial for these, but I’m too knackered to write it up today. Tomorrow maybe.

Pin Sights Challenge: Idea One

Pin Sights Challenge: Idea One

I love them though and they got me to use three new techniques and two new designs/layouts. There’s a win, right there!

Pin Sights Challenge: Idea Two

Pin Sights Challenge: Idea Two


I uploaded my photo to the Ellen Hutson Challenge page, with less than 1 hour before closing. I MADE myself!!!

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