I have just survived a MAMMOTH weekend.
A weekend filled with children, brides, Creativity and not much sleep.

And although it was exhausting – it was wonderful!

Here’s my running sheet . . . . . Weekend Overview

Looking back, I’m not at all sure how I managed it. I know I didn’t get enough sleep, but the outcome was truly worth it.

I learnt SOOO much.

I did miss a few things, like catching up with a few customers (@ the Wedding Fair) and spending some more time at Cinefest. All-in-all it was all a fantastic experience and although not something I ever plan to repeat – I’m glad I did it!

 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

As part of my work for CinefestOZ 2015, I Created some bespoke artwork and activities for two children’s workshops. Both workshops were based around two brand new Aussie flicks,  “Blinky Bill” and “Oddball“.


Today I wanted to share the artwork I made for the “Blinky Bill” workshop. One for the kiddies and one for anyone (old & young) who just loves to colour in.



Blinky’s Floating Face

At the workshop, I encouraged the children to

  • give Blinky a body
  • use as much colour as like
  • put Blinky in some of the landscape from the movie

Here’s my 5 minute version . . . . . .

Coloured Blinky


Here’s the blank copy . . . . .

Blinky jpeg

Blinky Maze Colouring In

For this workshop I Created a piece of work that was divided into four quarters – each quarter used a part of the landscape from the movie to Create the artwork

  • Water
  • Gumleaves
  • Boulders & Stones
  • Kangaroo Paws & Banksias

Choose your favourite section and colour to your hearts content.

A hand-drawn colouring-in sheet for adults and children using scenes from the new Austrlian animated movie "Blinky Bill"


I hope that you enjoy!