Now, I am about to unleash the Kracken.
Figuratively of course, but literally just as scary.

I am about to share my very first House Tour.

I am currently not very well-off. I’ve only got a part-time income and it’s a far cry from my days as a chalky earning $60K p/a. God I was so rich!  So, I’m not going to lie – my life at the moment is the poorest I’ve ever been.

BUT . . . .

(and it’s a big BUT)

 . . . . I am, for the first time in my life, following THE path. A path that I should have discovered and started on years ago. The path that is full of happiness, joy, mess and Creativity. The path that enables me to have the time to Create & update this blog. And the path that lets me share all that I make and learn, so that others can find happiness and joy as well.

So here it is.

A gallery of images from my Kitchen – the first room that I am truly renovating and improving. Very slowly. Very earnestly.

House Tour 1 of the Purple Paper House: The Kitchen Renovation

Blow by blow account of what each section of my kitchen looks like BEFORE the renovation begins


I hope it makes you feel better about your own homes/kitchens – ’cause I can’t imagine that anyone lives with a worse kitchen.

Follow me along, as I actually get myself a working kitchen in the not-too-distant future. Yayyy!

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