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I’m pretty chuffed that you have comeThe Purple Paper House website is The Home Of All Things Creative
to our little purple patch on the internet.

The Purple Paper House is a website designed just for people like you
. . . . passionate, hands-on & Creative!

We write and publish for Creative peeps, who love to ‘make‘ for the pure joy of it and who also like to work out the mechanics of ‘how‘ to Create a project. We pride ourselves in providing real techniques and detailed descriptions for all types of DIY.

We believe that the Purple Paper House is the home of all things Creative.


DIY Tutorial: a just magical tutorial for Ping Pong Fairy Lights

The PPH publishes tutorials and DIY’s for

  • Home Decorating
  • Crafting – especially paper (we <3 paper)
  • Art
  • Celebrations, Holidays & Party Decor
  • Home Renovations
  • Gardening
  • Wedding Decor & DIY

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We also share our works in progress on Instagram and collect hundreds of ideas on our Pinterest boards.
We just love sharing.

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So who is behind the Purple Paper House?


Are you one of those amazing people who sees somethings fabulous in a shop or a magazine or online and immediately thinks  . .
. . . “I could totally make that!”?

Well, that’s how the PPH started.

My name is Pia, and I live in a coastal town in Western Australia. Profile Photo
I have been a Creative addict my whole life.

My house is pretty ramshackle and is slowly being renovated.
Very slowly.

My favourite toy growing up was paper dolls as I could use my own imagination not only to dress and accessorise her, but I could also design my own outfits as well.

At 14 years of age, I decided I wanted to make small wooden villages for my friends so I went to the hardware store (back in the days when a hardware store was still small and run by a family), bought myself a mitre box and a handsaw and learnt how to cut wood on the 45*.

And I just haven’t stopped. My home is filled to the brim with projects and salvaged ‘junk’ ready to share on my website. For five years I ran my own bricks and mortar shop from the front rooms of my Purple Paper House, which gave me the wonderful opportunity to teach and share all that I knew.

I began blogging in 2010 with my first blog and then built a secondary blog just for Wedding DIY in 2011. This website was built in early 2014.

I am a woman who just had to learn ‘how’ to make gorgeous pieces of furniture or craft or art pieces or how to fix a household DIY problem, and decided I also wanted to share all that I learnt along the way.


I Love Two Things

  1. I adore dogs, and
  2. I love being Creative.

They are my two greatest passions.
I completely believe that every Human Being has Creativity within them, however I am aware that many people have been coerced or falsely convinced that are not Creative. But Creativity IS in all of us. It is not possible to cook or garden or Create mathematic algorithms without Creativity. Music, romance, blogging, programming, engineering . . . . they all require Creativity to be individual or amazing or to even work!

I want to help as many people as possible ‘unlock’ their Creativity and learn to live a more fulfilled and accomplished life.

My partners in crime in this Creative life are my dogs. First came Jack and Horatio, joined after seven years by Max. They got me through a hell of a lot of life’s shizzle (if you know what I mean) and reminded me daily to just laugh and be Creative. Everything else will sort itself out. I miss them every day.

Max + Horatio + Jack

Max + Horatio + Jack

Now Russell & Dougall have joined me, and already they are showing me new ways to enjoy life. They are pure trouble and I love them to bits. I mean, look at those faces – who wouldn’t?!?

Mawson & Russell - mouths covered in sye after knocking over one of my Creative projects

Dougall & Russell – mouths covered in dye after knocking over one of my Creative projects


One Last Detail About Me

I have had clinical depression since I was fifteen, and although it is a condition that will remain with me for life – I choose to medicate myself, surround myself with love, read, read and read more, talk with professionals, learn as much as I can about the world and the universe, be kind to myself and most importantly . . . be Creative.

I am grateful EVERY, single day, that I can live my life like this.


Thanks for stopping by.