I have recently discovered my inner ‘Nanna’ and have learnt how to crochet.

In my head I always pronounce crochet as Kro-chet.
I don’t know why, I just do 🙂

The story goes, that I was at an all-day set of workshops and talks by tens of incredible and talented women. Seriously – Ita Buttrose was one of the speakers (and she was awesome by the way!). But it got a bit much by lunchtime and I seriously needed to do something with my hands.

So I headed down to the closest shopping centre and bought some nasty acrylic yarn (I can’t use the word wool) and a bamboo crochet hook. The hook was worth more than the yarn.

Now at this time I did not know how to crochet.
Not a clue!

However I was keen as mustard, carrying my little plastic bag back through the gates of the Event location. I figured that YouTube would supply me with the ‘how’.

After about fifteen minutes of surfing YouTube I came across the fabulous Jayda In Stitches. She was so easy to understand, her videos were clear and every step of the process was uber easy to follow. Yay Jayda!




Although my first attempt at a Granny Rug was unpicked a total of TWELVE times, I got the hang of it so quickly. Crocheting is MUCH easier than knitting, and mistakes are super easy to spot and repair. So is changing colours.


And so I started to crochet . . . .

Learning to crochet - 1st granny rug

My very 1st Granny Rug


. . . and crochet . . .

Dress Practice

The colours are horrid, but this is my practice version for a DRESS !!!


. . . and crochet . . .


Learning to make circles . . . for quite a few projects in the future


And why am I attempting so many projects at once?

I’m glad you asked;
1.  I get bored and need to try a few things to keep my mind interested
2.  I see a picture of a new project and have to start it STRAIGHT away
3.  I want to try to learn and improve my knowledge of all the stitch ‘styles’.

Check out what I want to learn to make . . . .

I know that it is a child's dress, but I'm going to make it taupe (skirt) and turquoise (yoke)

I know that it is a child’s dress, but I’m going to make it taupe (skirt) and turquoise (yoke)

Source: BH&G Knitting and Crochet Book 

Isn't this gorgeous? All those 'spots' are actually squares with a coloured circles, finished with white edging

Isn’t this gorgeous?
All those ‘spots’ are actually squares with a coloured circle, finished with white edging

Source: BH&G Knitting and Crochet Book 

So what do you think?

Would you like to try a little bit of crochet?
Go on – I know you’ll love it.

Let me know if you do, and perhaps even leave a link in the comments section so that I can see what you Create.

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