Admittedly, my DIY is mostly driven by my tight financial circumstances, but I have actually been DIY-ing since I was fifteen when I made my very first project: Wooden cottages that were cut by hand in a little wooden mitrebox with a handsaw, and then individually painted with different house fronts (& gardens).

I gave them to my closest friends for Christmas like a little village. I know that one of my girlfriends kept hers for more than a decade.

And now?

Now, I do almost anything DIY related and I just love it.
*   designing and making furniture
* fixing broken elements in my house
*   designing and sewing clothes (inc a wedding dress!)
* Creating pieces of art
*   all manner of home decorating
* reticulating the garden
*   drywalling my kitchen
* disconnecting old terracotta waste pipes
*   building furniture
* disconnecting an old water tank
*   removing old carpet and vinyl
* levelling, stripping and polishing 100-year-old floorboards
*   painting the exterior of the Purple Paper House . . twice
* sewing and installing curtains
*   designing and casting plaster corbels and decorations
* growing all manner of plants from cuttings and seeds
*   install new aluminium windows
* paving the backyard path
*   building storage pieces for the house and shed
* constructing a-frame signs for the business
*   designing and building display structures for expos and markets

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House Tour 1: Kitchen Renovation

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Asbestos, lead paint and lots
of dead rats in the walls
. . . . just what a kitchen needs

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