I am renovating a house – the Purple Paper House – by myself.

Except for all the electrics and the majority of the plumbing – I will be doing everything. Demotion, insulation, drywalling, skimming, levelling, installing, new windows, drapery, flooring, painting and a LOT of cleaning.

I am far from being an expert, but I don’t care.

My pre-war fibro is going to get a facelift that will bring back all it’s period features and give it a new lease on life for another eighty years.

Watch as I go . . . .

. . . . it could get interesting.

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Renovating My Rental

Why decorating your rental Home is so important

Are you renting?
Me too.
But I’m renovating my
house. Are you?

House Tour 1: The Kitchen

Icon Tile

Asbestos, lead paint and lots
of dead rats in the walls
. . . . just what a kitchen needs

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