When I was imagining ways of making my Take Flight artwork, I honestly thought I would construct the wings out of white feathers РI had even purchased the feathers . . . . lots of feathers.

But, to be honest it just didn’t look very attractive.
In fact, it looked pretty naff!

So I really had to do some research online for designs, styles and techniques.
I came across this image online and it got me thinking . . . .


Source: Michael Thoenes

 . . . . what if I made the wings out of plaster, and just moulded it with a knife or spatula?

And here is a sneak peak of my final design.

This DIY Heart with Wings is made from cardboard + buttons + plaster, and is ridiculously easy to replicate  |  check out the tutorial at Purple Paper House dot com dot au


I promise that there is a tutorial coming soon – and you will be blown away with how easy it is.
I believe that a child as young as eight would be able to make this delightful piece of home decor.

And can you imagine it as a wedding backdrop?!?