One of the greatest delights of Christmas
is that I have ‘permission’ to decorate my house.

I can climb my 30ft ladder and hang my Christmas lights on the front of my liddle ol’ Purple Paper House, and I’m allowed to decorate my whole living room with glitter and sparkles and I also get to make my front door sing to the world . . . “I LOVE Christmas”.

There’s not a lot of tradition in Australia, for decorating our homes for ‘Holidays’.
But Christmas,
Christmas is a different kettle of fish.

Christmas is our time to decorate everything from our living rooms, lawns and front doors.
And I’m definitely a fan.

This Christmas I want to create a new look for my front door.
However, I needed a little inspiration as I’m in a bit of rut when it comes to a new style of Christmas Wreath.

Pinterest to the rescue!

And here is my Advent Calendar Pinterest Board.
I can’t wait to show you some tutorials for the ones I’ve made.

I may only have 17 'pins' but they are quality, baby!

I may only have 17 ‘pins’ but they are quality, baby!


And here are my Pinterest Picks . . . 


Christmas Wreaths

 1. Estelle Tsuen
2. Venessa Daniel
3. Aspen Country
4. Lisa Wyatt-Williams


So how about you?

Will you be using an old beloved Christmas Wreath or will you be making a new one this year?
I’d love to see.
Put a link in the comments section and show me.