Eighteen months ago, I gifted myself a book titled “The Exquisite Book Of Paper Flowers” by Livia Cetti.

It’s a beautiful book.

However all the flowers are made from crepe paper, not any other type of paper, and this makes a big difference to how the flowers are Created and eventually look.

It sent me on a course of discovery for the beautiful art form and that path naturally led me to Pinterest.

This is a sneak peak of all the Boards (let alone Pins) that a quick search on Pinterest, gives you.


Crepe Paper Flowers on Pinterest

SO . . . . .  here are my four favourites.
They are the Boards/collections that I think are the most well put together, informative and least repetitive.


Pinterest Picks at Purple Paper House blog, of Crepe Paper Flowers

1. Crafts and Origami
2. Brenda W.
3. Lisa White
4. Patty Itosu

Aren’t they inspirational?

They really got me excited and busting to start Creating.

So are you inspired?
Do you think you’ll have a ‘go’ at Creating some of your own?

If you do, I would LOVE to see what you make.
Leave a link or upload a picture in the Comments.

I genuinely would like to see what you Create.

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