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. . . . I wish jelly fish 😉

I LOVE painting.

I love, love, love it.

There is just something SO therapeutic about loading the brush, watching the colour spread, seeing the original dull colour of the canvas disappear under a curtain of a fresh shade, the movement of the brush back and forth  in your fingertips.

It’s just so satisfying.

I’ve been painting for such a long time. Canvases, furniture, ceiling, toys, walls, mixed media, decorations . . . . and so much more. With the simple motion of adding paint to a project, you can totally transform it’s identity.

Adding paint to a room or piece of furniture is the quickest and cheapest way to transform your home. It is simply magical.

Product Review of Solver Paints Maxi Prep at the Purple Paper House blog


But I have made a LOT of mistakes in forming my love-affair with the technique of painting. Not least of all, purchasing inferior paint brands. As with most things in life – you get what you pay for.

And I don’t want you to make the same (expensive)
mistakes as I did.

So I want to point you towards an Australian created, based and run company: Solver Paints. Their products are without a doubt, the best I have come across in thirty years of craft, DIY and Creativity in general.

I have no hesitation in recommending them to you.

At the moment I am using their Maxi Prep for quite a few projects (see the list & photos below) and so I thought I would share just how versatile this product is.

I hope you get inspired 🙂

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One more thing – you know that I am poor as a church mouse, so for me to purchase a 4lt can of anything is a BIG investment, but I know just how far the contents of the tin will go and as it is such a good quality product, it will last for ages.

But . . . . it was also the least expensive of the
good quality sealants/prep coats on the market – bonus!


Collection of projects using Solver Paints Maxi Prep on Purple Paper House blog

List of Projects

  1. Walls of my new kitchen – here & here
  2. Wolf Canvas – coming soon
  3. Whittled Wooden Letter – coming soon
  4. Butterfly Heart Canvas – coming soon & here (soon)
  5. Found Feathers (canvases) – coming soon
  6. Ombre Button Heart (Take Flight) – here & here & here