I have a confession to make – I actually LOOK for excuses to make backdrops.
I know, it’s a bit sad isn’t it?!?

However in my defence, can I just say that backdrops are the Creative equivalent to painting a whole room or installing brand new fancy schmancy curtains. They’re just so dramatic and gorgeous.

So here is the place that I will share all the backdrops that I Create – mostly for pure joy and no real purpose.
“Joy” is a purpose though isn’t it? 😉

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Renovating My Rental

Why decorating your rental Home is so important

I am renovating my Home
but I don’t own it!?!
Think I’m mad?
Read on . . . .

House Tour 1: Kitchen Renovation

Icon Tile

Asbestos, lead paint and lots
of dead rats in the walls
. . . . just what a kitchen needs

DIY Tutes - Learn to Crochet

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