Yesterday I posted a super cheap and uber easy tutorial for your children to Create gorgeous water coloured backgrounds for some emergency (or not) handmade gift cards and wrapping paper.

Today I want to show you different ways to use these backgrounds.

What You Need:

  • A4 cardstock – 1 piece makes two cards
  • Adhesive – glue or double-sided tape
  • White or black gel pen
  • Scissors
  • Pencil + ruler + eraser
  • If you have a paper trimmer/guillotine then you will have a neater card

Here’s How:

  1. Cut the A4 card in half – this will give you two C6 cards
  2. Trim the watercolour background to 95×140 mm, using your pencil & ruler
  3. With the gel pen, draw a border around the inside of the edge of the watercolour background
  4. Make some simple embellishments with paper or ribbon
  5. These small rectangles make a cute banner/bunting
  6. Stick the watercolour background to the front of the card (Card 1)
  7. Embellish with handmade bibs ‘n bobs or items from your craft cupboard (Card 2)
  8. Ta da! (Card 3)




Handmade gift cards with a watercolour background  - super cheap to make and  a fantastic activity for bored children in the holidays


I hope this helps you occupy your children for a few more hours these holidays and perhaps get a little more organised for the months ahead.

If your family does make some cards – I would genuinely love to see them. Put a link in the Comments below or share on the Purple Paper House FaceBook site. Go on, share the love!


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