You know why I wanted to learn how to crochet?

Well, I am in the process of building a new kitchen – seriously from scratch . . . walls, floors, insulation, electrics, plumbing, etc . .

. . . . and I have started to visualise how it will look.

It’s so exciting to imagine the
* colours – all white with hints of turquoise/aqua
* overall style – shakers cupboards 
* extractor fan – faux wooden hood with corbels
* knobs/handles – faux mercury glass
* cornices & ceiling rose – art deco

* lighting – art deco + DIY
* flooring – laminate in the colour of white washed floorboards 
* benchtops – laminate in the finish of aged oak

But can you envisage making all these amazing ideas come to life, and then having mismatched tea towels and hand towels front and centre hanging from the oven handle? Maybe I’m just a little weird but I can’t spend so much energy on Creating the kitchen of my dreams, only to ruin it with naff (multi-coloured) hand towels.


Collection of Crocheted Hand Towels


So that meant I had to learn how to make the crochet fittings, so that I can buy my dream colours (turquoise/aqua) in hand towels and hang them with glee in my beautiful white shaker kitchen.

And so my crochet journey began . . . . 



So are you inspired to make your own kitchen hand towels?
I’d love to know.

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